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IĀ have a broken handle on my Advantium again. I think we are on our 5th one now, including a whole new door. The handle seems to break at the bottom due to that being the mostĀ pulled point. Since the unit is above our stove, for anyone 5'4" and under it is easiest to pull from the bottom of the handle. I am reluctant to replace the handle again. Searching for a new unit to fit the space and a bit wiser on the handle design. Open to any suggestions.
Thank you so much for your response. Would you please let GE know about they problem so the can track it in their system. They said if they get enough calls they will research the matter and possibly send out improved versions to their callers. They sent me a new handle cost free but I will have the same problem within a year until they improve the product. I went to a high end store to shop new units and they said ours is still considered a valuable unit worth repairing...
I have had my microwave since late 2003. I have had to replace the hande 3 times and then replaced the entire door 6 months ago due to another broken handle. The handle on the new door just broke at the bottom (same as before). I telephoned GE and they said they do not have any recorded issues with the handle on my model. I went to a luncheon at a home that had the same model microwave/convection and the handle was broken. Has anyone else had the same issue?
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