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just looking for opinions on this school training and prepairing us for the future  
I supose i should add ido like school and love the people.I chose Le Cordon blue because i knew they had been around for along time and are networked very well and i believe that is one of the most important thing to succed.
was told i would have been hired if i went to Lecole
Im 42 had culinary in my heart from young age got stuck in construction dispite finding myself working in some form of indestry for ever.Im now enrolled at Le Cordon Blue. In my determination to follow my dream i now am left wondering if i enrolled in the right school.Went for a job and was snubed because of school.{ note...resturant wasnt impresive or special} Regardless question still seems to taughnt me.Regretfully i did not do my homework before i enrolled.
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