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The tuille looking thing on top?   I see these often either in tan or black. If it is a tuille, how do you get that effect?
There was a chocolate wine I would use to cook duck with. I would render the fat then flip it over and let the duck simmer in the wine. When I got it to the temp I wanted, I'd add a little more if it reduced too much, added some captain morgan rum, and reduced those together. Then I added butter at the end. I served it with coconut raspberry risotto. It was a spring dish I ran for a few weeks.   Almost every one was skeptical about it haha, but once they tasted it,...
So it's just basically super thin pulled sugar? There's no real technique to do it?  
  How do I make those sticks that are on top of the sorbet? I would assume I would let sugar drip down onto a surface creating an icicle-like effect but they all look very proportionate in thickness. Does any one have a technique and what do pastry chefs usually call these besides sugar sticks?
Tapioca it is! I searched tapioca pearls and the first time I didn't see any images that looked like that. After going back and changing my wording in the search similar results show up. Dcarch, how do you cook yours to achieve a white center? I've actually never worked with the stuff before, but know about its existence.
  From a chef on Facebook. He doesn't tell people what's in his pictures and nobody in the comments knows either lol
  The only thing I could find that even looks similar are tree frog eggs. However after looking up information on those, I can't find anyone who sells them or uses them. It looks too natural to be gastronomic in my opinion. Any ideas?
In my restaurant I'm doing a butter poached Maine lobster for new years. I'll have a couple induction burners set up with clarified butter at a constant temperature. We'll do 300+ covers and I'm expecting at least 40 to be lobster. I'm going to put the lobsters in there 3 at a time. As soon as one goes out, one goes in. The most important thing is timing. With three, if they sit too long, I won't risk ruining a lot of them. Chances of that though won't happen. If I have...
  What if they only sold 1 of each 200 items? lol :p
A good menu should be between 5-7 appetizers and 10-15 entrees. I think you ought to go through the menu and choose what 20 items you know sells the best in the list of 200+ and get rid of the rest. From the sounds of it, whomever is in charge doesn't know what they are doing.
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