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It is indeed a tuille of some sort. The only trouble I'm having is getting the batter on the tray the perfect thickness. If it's too thick, it comes out more white and thick and looks weird. However if it's really thin, it comes out brown and crisp just like the picture.   I'm going to try the bread technique when my yeast comes in later this week.
  The ring. What do you suspect it to be made of and the technique to make it? It looks like a tuille, but I'm not too sure. 
  Australia and Singapore would be good places to learn. 
  I am interested in this as well. Do you have more information on how to go about it? 
  This x 100. I pushed myself to where I am today, but it came with time. You can go out and read all of those books, meet all of those chefs, but it won't make you better right then and there. It will give you the knowledge today for tomorrows success.    Yes. They came out with a cheaper book, Modernist Cuisine Home Edition I believe. The Modernist Cuisine has many things in it that may be pointless to you. Vacuum chambers, centrifuges, microscopic mandolines, and...
  1. Get a grip and harden up. You really won't last long if you can't handle verbal abuse in ANY industry.  2. Look at the words in bold. Apparently, he's not a professional and nothing he does is ''proper'' by any means.    Maybe you should find this ''proper'' kitchen where people are professionals and act like it instead of a guy with a power tripping ego. 
Do what ever it may be to get you to the next level. It's like that with every thing in life in every other job field out there, however it's especially important in this industry. Call up all the chefs. Go out to eat in their restaurants and if it's not too busy, ask if you can compliment the chef personally. Go in a butcher shop and ask if you can volunteer in return for education and tell them why you look up to them and want to learn from their knowledge. Go out and...
Look up on Youtube the Gordon Ramsay Behind Bars series. His goal was the same as yours in a way, but realizing it could turn into something bigger, he wanted to make a business out of it. Maybe by watching this, it can give you some new ideas.    Also, maybe give SAME Cafe in Denver a call or email. They only charge patrons what they can afford to eat, and some people will actually donate a lot of money to them to help them keep feeding the hungry and giving...
  lol not only that but you have to be careful because of the way it is advertised. If a person with artery complications can't really have large amounts of bad fats, they may run into some problems when the meat is now filled with saturated fat once it cooks. Highly unlikely though and people with problems that severe shouldn't even eat out because they are at such a high risk. Another problem I could see would come from religion fanatics. If a family of muslims come in...
Lower the temperature that you're using to cook with. 
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