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In my opinion you can call yourself a chef when you hold that position. Otherwise you are a line cook, or "cook". I hate those people who call them chefs when they are line cooks and so on. But, this has been the widely debated topic of many. But if you are owning your own business and making things happen with no one telling you what to do, then rock on Chef.
My brother has turtles in the back of his ranch. He wants to kill one, but he eats what ever he kills. So... Any one know good techniques and recipes?
Ok so every one knows that some days in the kitchen, things don't go like we wish they would. Everyone has seen someone storm off and hit a door, a box in the walk-in, slam something. But I am thinking it would be great to have a punching bag, just for those really crappy days! I am going to hit people up for a collection. Offer it to FOH and BOH staff as needed!!
I think I would finally go back to McDonald's (the devil) or some other crappy food chain that I would never go to, and eat one of everything!!!   If not that, then I will get my grand mothers to have a cook off to produce the best schnitzel, sauerkraut, and spetzle!!!
What ever you do.... Please don't buy crocks. I can't stand "those" people!!
Dansko Most of the time!! I have tried Birks, shoes for crews another type of birks... The only problem I have with them is, after about 5 months a crack develops on the right ball of my shoe after 5 pairs and this happening to all of them I had to think very hard before getting the next pair. I sent them back and they replaced them this one time for free. I figured I would go and try another pair, after all they were free. I think my all time favorite are the leather...
The problem lies in value perception definitely! If people are unable to take their food home in a dogie bag, then it is not enough. After all, have you ever had a guest come up and say "Wow, I am pleasantly full!". Hell no! They say "damn I think I ate too much, I am stuffed. If we didn't have places like chilli's and olive garden giving such humongous plates of cheap crap, maybe people would realize what eating correctly is supposed to be. But... Thant won't happen we...
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