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If money wasn't an issue..   Central Tennessee, In the mountains Moreland, GA Somewhere in the boonies of Central Indiana Montana about 30 minutes from civilization   See a trend?
Today is salami, muenster, homemade barbecue sauce, mayo, and pickle spears on italian wheat.   What are you guys eating?
Chicken broth probably isn't a good idea if you're going with a vegetarian theme. Some diced carrots would compliment what you've got going on there.
I love grilled corn on the cob.. but my buddy's gf sent me this link. Better book an appointment with a cardiologist before ingesting: Corn
I have the worst peppermill in history. It takes about 35-40 grinds for 1/2 teaspoon. It was a hand-me-down. After seeing your new one, I think it's time for me to get a new one.
Hey, the link isn't working because there is a space at the end of it. I did find  the product, though. Great idea - certainly will save some eyebrows.
I'm looking for some good Italian dressing recipes to try out. I did something like this a couple weeks ago with barbecue sauces and it turned out really well. I gathered a few barbecue sauce recipes and tried them out with some family and wrote a blog post about it here: cooking blog. Now, I'd like to do it with Italian dressings.   I use Italian dressing for far more than just salads. I like to marinade chicken in it, sometimes steak; I like to use it in cooking...
Man.. BDL is on it.   I'll tell you what I know. My sister has the ninja setup and I have a blender and food processor setup. Leaving out the details of our stand mixers because those don't really relate to food processors, I can say that her ninja can do just about anything my setup can do. I give her recipes all the time and she makes them up with same results and vice versa. To me, sounds like you don't need a food processor at all.. but I myself wouldn't trade my...
I've read countless posts about cast iron care and have written quite a few myself and one thing has bugged be from the beginning. Cleaning your cast iron with soap. When I worked in the restaurant biz, had I not washed my cast iron with soap they would have shut me down. Inherently, when I'm are home, using a soft rag dipped in warm soapy water cleans my cast iron pans better than using just hot water ever could.   Sure, I have to reseason my pans more often than...
I think it looks really cool. I would like to try one and am currently perusing my local restaurant supply shops for one.. hopefully I can get a demo!
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