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That is a beautiful cake!
Thanks :D
Tomorrow is my best friends parents anniversary. My friend and I are making dinner for them, We have everything except for desert.     Here is what I'm thinking.   I am thinking "simple"   What about a Coca Cola Cupcake with Vanilla Bean Frosting garnished with a cherry.   I know it sounds weird but it is really good,   Anyone have any ideas?
Hey everyone! As you can tell I am new here. I might as well introduce myself.   I'm Ashley, I'm 15, I wanted to be a makeup artist at first but I knew that wasn't my calling. I believe that baking is.   I love to bake.   My favorite show is Cupcake Wars.   I love to learn new things.   And when I am older I want to own a bakery.   That's mostly it.       Sorry if this post was boring, I will try to make my posts more exciting :D
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