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     Quote: I was wondering if there was a more elegant way of going about this. We need to replace that trash can, also. I think we found a double trashcan that we can use one side for recyclables and one side for waste.     I was trying to avoid having the big blue box sitting in my kitchen. I figured other people have been recycling for years - maybe they had an interesting alternative to the ever classic plastic bins.     Household - it's in my kitchen.
My wife keeps telling me to get a wok but since I have an electric stove I figured it would be something of a waste..  
I'm not familiar with carbon steel. Where have you found this at?  
Copyrights are just going to make it easier for someone to copy your recipe. You'd spend more money suing over infringment than you would just keeping it secret.
Agreed. The main difference is the use of yeast rather than baking soda. The size of the waffles and their shape is irrelevant.
What you do is spread shredded cheese over one, broil it for about 25 - 30 seconds just to melt the cheese, then you wrap that around a hardshell taco filled with all the goodness of taco night. Double decker taco. I love those.
As stated before, the key here is not using open flame but coals. You're trying to heat the crust, not light it on fire.
good god that toaster is expensive. are you really needing to make that much toast?
My coworkers love my "trials"
That is exactly how I expected the recipe to be. Less sugar and butter for sure. i'm going to try both ways (shortening also) and see what texture is best.   cracker crumbs, you say?
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