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no :)
Ok, but people have told me (and I tasted it), that when you just mix sugar and yolk untill it (even when it`s not hot sugar) it has no taste of yolk, but if you don`t beat it enough, it brings to your mounth a horrible memory of egg. I always wanted to know why it happens. 
Oh yes! It`s swiss not french! Sorry about that.     I always see that beating yolk with sugar (not just hot) changes it`s color, do you think this is due to air and speed?     Thank you ;)
Ok, hi everybody!   I have here 3 doubts about my deserts. Two of them are about my recipe of Tiramisú, the other about french merengue. My book doesn`t explain enough.   1 -  why should I cook sugar and water until 121C and add it into egg yolks while it`s beating slowly ? What`s the chemical process inside this action and it`s purpose?   2 - why the cream  should be cold if my intention is to do chantilly?   3 - why we need to emulsify sugar and egg whites in the...
Many thanks for the explanation, I`ll try.   About the olives... no.. I did a research it`s about an olive confit with sugar, yes, sugar. I found it on sunfood website in 2007, it`s not there anymore, now I see a french-brazilian chef using it with potato pureé and cod fish. Seems nice.
Hello, I would like to know if anyone here knows how to do (or where to buy) sweet black olives and also a good recipe of goat`s cheese ice cream.     many thanks
One of the most eaten fish in Brazil, personally... I hate, not because it`s taste is bad, it`s good, but it`s heavy and have to cook heavy meats, I like light fish.
probably, but I read on a website another and very complicated answer that made me ask myself
For the love of god... what does exactly the term 'Author Cuisine' mean ?   For exemple, if I create or reformulate a new recipe, does it mean author cuisine ?
Oh my god, there is a difference between food styling and food presentation ? !
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