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Trumpet. No diamond mark, but it has a logo of what looks to be 3 trumpets - it's hard to tell because of some rust marks. Pictures of the length of the knife and the logo are attached.        
Exactly - I'm aware of the variety of manufacturers using the Sabatier name, I'm wondering if anyone knows something about the manufacturer Sabatier Trumpet specifically. I can upload pictures if that will help.
Hello all, I uncovered a rusty but cleanable old Sabatier at the family cabin's kitchen today. I'm wondering if it's worth putting in the effort to clean off the rust and sharpen it back up. It's a 10" slicer, very straight, with a non-riveted chunky wood handle like you see on some of the other Sabs. It's marked with Sabatier Trumpet (France). Can anyone tell me what the quality or reputation of this manufacturer is like?
New Posts  All Forums: