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Oh no! Is the summer really ending?
Lestoil is such a foul scent in and of itself. If it works to eliminate other odors, I can only hope there will be no residual Lestoil odor in the laundry!
Here is a link for barista training in the US:   Does this help?
  I'm interested: how do know it works? Do you use it yourself or have you hear from others that it does?    
I'm jealous.
Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate, so to speak!
That sounds about right; it seemed like a lot of food!   Now I wonder, if it weren't for your kids and the two of you (five altogether) eating it up, how long do you think your dish would keep? In my experience, home-made bean dishes haven't kept much over two days in the fridge.   Have you ever had to deal with keeping it from spoiling?
A Bite of Italy  or  A Bite of Italy in Mexico ?????
Sounds like a lot of food, too. How many servings does this yield?
Just wondering: will you be doing anything with the poll results?
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