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It's not clear to me in your post, do you speak Spanish? If not, since you still have a year here before trying your luck abroad, you might consider taking a class.
Is this the sort of thing you are after? This link leads to a number of books on the subject:  
At least you won your case! Sounds like you're in a pressure cooker now, but it also sounds like you know where you are going, and that's half the battle, isn't it?
My first reaction was, what could be offensive about this? And then I thought about why you are wondering, and then started to worry that maybe there is something about it that could be offensive. Problem is, just like you, I can't put my finger on it. Are we thinking of cigar store Indians or something like that? Now I'm confused, right behind you.
Thanks for the tip, phatch
Just wanted to say congratulations to you (2 weeks early)!
Sure, just about anything you like. I use dandelion greens because they are so abundant, especially in my back yard!
I like dandelion greens and cucumber with a stalk of celery. I play it by ear when it comes to amounts, basically: a bunch of dandelion greens, average-sized cuke and celery stalk and about 2-3 cups of water. Some lime juice adds a nice zing, or, if the spirit moves, I'll add whatever I have around that needs to be used up! My smoothie tastes a little bitter, I admit, but I am loathe to add sugar.   Please let me know what you think if you decide to try it!
From everything I have read, and since you stored it in an airtight container, I believe that your chocolate should be fine. Shelf life should be about a year. If you see white spots on the chocolate, however, it's probably time to toss it.
Are you looking for sweet or are you satisfied with healthy alone?
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