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Can you recommend any restaurants in the Chicago area? We're planning on going there ourselves.
I have always wanted to finish reading some of the Russian classics on my shelf. Finally finishing Crime and Punishment; War and Peace is next. Then, The Idiot or Anna Karenina. When I'm in the mood for lighter fare, I generally resort to some Elmore Leonard novels I haven't read yet.
I cooked dinner for 5 developmentally disabled adults yesterday. Although they are used to and love junk food, and macaroni & cheese, hot dogs, et cetera, they *loved* what I cooked for them, making me happy & proud: Tender pork chops, wokked spinach with eggs, brown rice with onion & garlic, sliced peaches for dessert. They all asked for seconds.
New York is my top choice as well, but you're not going to see blue sky and sun most of the time, nor is the weather temperate (@ChefBillyB: Yes! Fantastic food!). Same goes for Portland (which is where I live) and Cannon Beach. So here's my list, for what it's worth:     Marin County Santa Barbara (don't know too much about the food scene there) Miami   and in Europe   Nice--Cote d'Azur Munich Barcelona Florence   Fun to think about this,...
PLATE   Please leave asparagus tips endwise.   DRESS?
MATZO   Miraculously, almonds trounced zesty omelets   CRUMB?
Hey, this is great! Thanks for posting it.
Same here!
Any particular recommendations re. those cleanses?
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