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I had a very interesting discussion with my Chef today about why people work in this industry and if we are a subculture of the norm.   I worked an extra job for a few days, cooking employee meals and then driving.  I found that everyone else was all chatty, social cliques, doing and saying things that took forever.  I saw what I mean, don't mix my words, I work fast and efficient and I don't waste my time with idle chit chat.  Every action I took had purpose, just...
Sold, moved to Europe
Closed, moved to Europe and took the shoes with me.
Brand new in the box Dansko Sonja chef clogs. Never even tired on.  They are a size EU 37 in black.  Retail for $110 so this is more than fair in price.   Actual shipping cost.  Thanks for looking.
Brand New from Factory, never used Dexter I Cut Pro 6 piece knife set in nice case with room for so many more knives.  Actual shipping cost to location.  Thanks for looking.
I put my garden to bed yesterday and now have a lot of carrots.  I also have thyme and oregano.  I am at a loss for what to make with the carrots.  What do you suggest?
Wow, I'll be right over!  Looks great and thanks for the photos.
I did very quick today tell the Chef that I am very tired from work.  I didn't cover that I have SN child at home or that I already sew for Make a Wish.  Heck he is busy and doesn't need to hear my life.  He was very kind to say that it isn't a problem at all and said something in addition to make me smile and laugh.     I am not singled out for not volunteering, I knows better to say yes to something I can't do.  Thanks for all the good support and suggestions.
That was really nice of you to call.  I almost asked in class but I try not to be "that" student.  Chef Mitchell is very down to earth and kind, heck he teaches a class of 13 twice a week.  At my job we have a signature pumpkin soup that I am not allowed to reveal the recipe or if asked I say general items but also that the amounts are done by eye and taste.     Thanks for asking them to have Chef Jason stop in and visit us here on Chef Talk.  
My chef at work tells me those people have to do that to draw attention to themselves because they seek it.  I am sorry about the crappy review, post a response just stating that you do use local products, vary your menu to the seasons and that you are not NYC.  I would gladly have a smoothie at your place and write a great review.     I know the food you put out is very personal and by your post here it shows that you take pride.  It is hard not to be upset because...
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