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ooopppss sorry about that, I only know one person name Joey and he is a guy, of course there is always the Joey from Dawson's Creek :)   About the pineapple on hamburguers...I had a hambuerguer a long time ago in Mexico City with pineapple, also there is the teriyaki burguer here in Nogales from Carl's Junior and it has pineapple.  About a month ago we had a nice family gathering on Sunday and I made hamburguers with grilled pineapple and everybody just loved them and...
  Thank you!
Yes I know Joey and I appreciate it.  This will happen soon, I want to open no later than October 1st.  It may happen a week or so earlier, but no later than October 1st.  Yes, please stop by my restaurant on your way to San Carlos It will be delightful to have you!   I will post a picture later on... thanks again buddy!  
  Thank you!  We had a family dinner yesterday and it seems Al dente will be the winner... everybody voted for it!  So it will probably something like:   Al dente Gourmet cuisine   or   Al dente The art of cooking   or something like that   Again thanks everyone for your thoughts and time!    
  I am offering a good variety so people keep coming back and at a reasonable price  I am purchasing most of the raw materials here in Mx which allows me to give a better price to my customers.   Thanks for your thoughts!    
Thank you for the sermon Joey... although I do appreciate your concern.  Nogales is not as bad as it seems, yes; drug violence rate went up the last 3 years, but it has come down a little and it is not as bad.  I am mexican (from Nogales) and my wife is also mexican and so is my whole family and locals are not packing up, there are new businesses opening everyday and we cannot be afraid of doing stuff because of drug violence.    My restaurant will be on a very nice part...
hahaha, well I do not have a name yet, but I am sure having a good time!
I am not necessarily looking for a name in English.  Gourmet is the same in english and spanish and Al dente is a world wide expression.  I am right across the border from the US, so having a name in english is not a weird thing here since there is a lot of influence from the US.  I do not care if the name is in English, Spanish, French or Italian as long as it's a good name.   Oh and why Alfonso? haha who is Alfonso?  :)
I will sure love to help you guys on this project.  I will get you some real mexican recipes... I will check and try to send you some that the ingredients will be easy to find.  Are you interested on some desserts also?    Cheers
These 3 movies are very good, if you get a chance watch them.     1. A touch of spice (from Turkey).   2. Stomach (from Spain).   3. Mistress of spices (from India).      
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