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That's as I understand it to.  You pull the clam out and give the shell a flick and he should close up.  Wild clams have a lot of crap in them too so I'd definitely soak them in water with corn meal.    
Probably a ribeye or porter house grilled over a wood fire (hickory, mesquite etc.).  The meat itself is only half the battle.
To answer your question, I think whatever bacteria leaks out will be killed by the sauce temp.  Clams aren't fully cooked.  They're just steamed until they open which means enough heat to kill the clam.  I think if you took a dead clam, forced it open and cooked it further to actually get the internal temp high enough, you could eat it but I wouldn't recommend this.  If you ever order a raw platter and the kitchen has already squirted lemon on the clams, they're most...
20 years ago, I had a few places I could go and get wings just like I make at home i.e. fresh chicken, peanut oil and Red Hot with butter or margarine.    I've noticed this very irritating trend among "wing" places in the last 15 years.  By that I mean places that only serve take-out wings.  They all seem to par-fry or steam their wings, refrigerate, and then finish in the fryer when ordered.  Hence you end up with a dry hunk with black bones and an off taste.  Some...
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