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I don't know if this is what your looking for, but at a buffet/all you can eat type place, I would assume that the easiest way to keep costs down is fill people up on low cost carbs such as rice, beans, bread, potatoes. All the buffet type places I've been to have done it that way. The other way would be to do it "family" style, where the customers sit down and you bring bowls of stuff. There is great chicken place in Michigan that does the "all you can eat"...
WillBKool, I was under the impression that sage is a perennial? 
Does it have to be just British ales? The Americans microbreweries are making some good beers these years.   Some Personal Favs:   Innis and Gunn from Scotland- ale is brewed in Scotch barrels. I get hints of caramel and oak.   If you can do American beers I would suggests Dogfish head 60 Minute IPA (very hoppy though)     Others you may want to consider: Fullers, St. Peters English Ale, Hobgoblin Extra Strong Ale+, Caledonian 80    
Yah, lol I kinda just glossed over that ;) It sounded kinda silly to me
@teamfat I wouldn't say that, just sticking "organic" or "traditional" or "Wholesome" or "Healthy Alternative" usually involves a reduced portion size and a substantial increase in price.
@chefdb I wasn't going to leave the oven open; the electrical bill is high enough!
Okay, I hadn't thought about the oil smoking but that is something worth trying. I think that the main source of smoke came from the excess paprika in the marinade was causing the burning. I'll try lowering the temperature.    
Yah I thought as much, ahh well. I guess I'll just pull the batteries out of the smoke alarm before cooking.    
Hey,   So I prepared a simple Baked paprika chicken dish today (Smoked Paprika/garlic/olive oil paste on flattened a chicken breast) and cooked it in the oven on the broil (450F) for 6 min each side (on a tin foiled cookie sheet). The chicken came out splended, however, at about 5 min in on the first side, I managed to fill my kitchen full of smoke to the point that the smoke alarm went off. I'm pretty sure that it was the excess paste burning. I was wondering if...
How much did they fall? Can you cover it up with an extra dollop of icing?   When I make cupcakes with berries (in this case strawberries), I usually just blitz them up, add them to the batter, and depending on how liquidy the berries are, subtract some of the other liquids (usually the milk). Then I usually place fresh slices on top of the icing. I know this doesn't really help you right now, but it might be something to try in the future.   Brandon
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