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ya, I forgot about that one.
aww and here you are taking away the best things about being a chef
I think IceMan should let it rip.. I could use the funny photos and the laugh   No need for the moderators to pay any attention to us kids
OK, I agree with the delegation vs. just do it, but I have you beat hands down the worst...   100degF outside, relative humidity 74; middle of service.. the hoods go   Ya life is good
hey Brujo... one word for ya Netflix
Wish I knew Trissy, I just became a lefty and live with it and a lot of anti inflammatory drugs ... It's like that old joke Doc, it hurts when I do.....     Can't get the time off to have a look LOL (if you find out, let me know)
easier said than done.. Most offenses have to be outrageous, blatant infractions that can be witnessed as the state has made it almost impossible to let someone go without unemployment taxes going up.   In other words, cant fire them for being pissants (even tho references were glowing) or for being 'sick' on a holiday or a Saturday   too many lawyers
I'm still amazed at all the torn rotator cuffs.. started with the right on me and now twinges in the left   *sigh   worst thing about being a chef.. this getting old and feeling the long shifts and it seems there are no shoes that make it better   oh and ladies.... vericose veins (funny, I always had nice legs) (shudder)   still.. the worst thing is working through the aches, pains, burns, illnesses, migraines, cuts that SHOULD have gotten stitched...
AMEN indeed and y'all save me a plate
I say a honing rod presuming you are investing in a GOOD knife..   I very rarely need to use my stones...   Oh one thing I forgot to add in an above comment I made regarding care.. NEVER put in the dishwasher or leave 'soaking' in the sink.  
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