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I had patience a long time ago, but gave it up when they're all so much smarter or texting on their cell phones. No call/no show's (yes it would be great to show them the door, but there's no bodies out there that can step in)   Sorry, I'm just really worked up about the booze and/or drugs lately. It's rampant and unfortunately, a chef friend of mine called last week with the same issues.
aren't there soy free chocolates produced? I haven't looked for awhile but I would imagine that the labor to produce would negate the cost of the chocolate.   Following the thread as I get some pretty specific allergy sufferers walking in the doors
Ooooo great idea! Thank you! Unfortunately, Sysco is the vendor, but I'll contact Callebeaut right now! Wish I could get this crowd to eat Pana Cotta...comes out delicious and so much easier
I took a break for awhile as I was emotionally and physically exhausted... I definitely don't fit in with the lifestyle either and I most certainly don't have the patience for the something for nothing group I'm for a generation that works hard and takes pride in their work
No plan B here either. Shame of it is I love what I do, but I'm feeling old (50) too, and starting to question my sanity, Funny enough, I took a break and went the healthcare route too... Agree to soul killing, I felt myself die inside, but no doubt appreciated the schedule and benefits. Every time I swear I'll be found dead under a 50# bag of flour. What about the wine/liquor side Frank? If anyone knows what tastes good with what, it's us!
Omg it's embarrassing. The booze is starting to flip me out. You can work with stupid, but the alcoholic is hopeless, they're so much smarter than everyone else
Is it a prerequisite to have some form of alcohol or drug problem?? Or , this generation coming in the business that want top dollar, but no one shows up for work, does nothing when they do and look at you like you have 3 heads when you tell them that pastry creme is not a solid Blowing steam here... But wondering if it's just around here or if others are having to settle for mediocrity.
I recently switched from the 60% to the 70% I'm having a bit of a problem with the chocolate seizing up and not staying viscous enough to incorporate into the eggs due to the higher cocoa content (guessing) as it works for everything else I'm doing Does anyone have a 70% mousse recipe that smooths properly? Thanks guys!
I personally am a fan of King Arthur brand, but I'm in the northeast, they are consistent with the milling so I rarely have to worry. yes, red velvet cakes have the beets added for color, however, cocoa reacting to acid will create a tinge (red/brown) which is why most of them call for minimal amounts of cocoa. Devils food' gives you the same reaction but the ratio of more chocolate to acid it's not as noticeable
Welcome to the forum! There is a few things you need to remember, start with quality flour being first and don't over mix! You do need to build up the gluten so the cake has structure, however too much causes your cake to be tough. Scientifically, baking powder and baking soda react to the other ingredients and helps with the lift and texture so you want to stick pretty close to what a recipe calls for. A cake that you've added lemon or orange juice to for flavor will fall...
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