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I'm starting to have a shelf life, I have no problem asking the kids to bring up the sacks of flour and sugar now. Back in the day, I wouldn't dream of asking for help Yes to opening doors regardless of gender, and pickle buckets have buried a line in the hands of a novice so yes to helping when necessary. Off topic, too many choices for profile descriptions... I'm leaning towards 'can't boil water' and see if anyone notices
OMG totally brilliantWith the heat and humidity and my cocoa flying, I look like a deranged Easter bunny by the end of the day... And then there's my flourWhy yes, my hair is this colorCrappy t shirts right now unless a bride is in the house lol
Great link thank you!
I second Uncommon Chefs women's coats. They're well made, and fitted for a woman and they're not a lot of money. I also agree with having a standby on the hanger. I wear tshirt and/or prep shirt when getting down and dirty, but always put my coat on in public (apron off of course) Pretty awesome colors out there now too... You're not just limited to the white!
What exactly is your question? I'm sorry, I'm not trying to sound snarky, but I'm not sure what the question is
With the heat index rising, the water thing is the most important! I start my day at 3-4am and start mainline-ing caffeine (I know, not good) mid morning (to the rest of the world) I try to make a conscience effort to start drinking water. (I like the alarm reminder!! GREAT idea!)   Maybe talk to fellow cooks and see if a shift meal family style can be arranged. The grazing thing is good as long as you keep it healthy. Veggies, fruit,cheese, etc. Complimented by protein....
I'm actually feeling a bit better about my physical condition! My friends are always telling me that I'm too young to be feeling this old and incapacitated and I tend to agree when I wake up and go through the laundry list of aches and pains and websites for special orthotics... Seems I'm right on schedule for the industry average And we do this why? Lol
how do you get past the liability of them being stoned all the time? Seems dangerous to me... How can you keep the integrity and quality of the food? I know it's suffering here. Maybe it is time for me to change careers....
I had patience a long time ago, but gave it up when they're all so much smarter or texting on their cell phones. No call/no show's (yes it would be great to show them the door, but there's no bodies out there that can step in)   Sorry, I'm just really worked up about the booze and/or drugs lately. It's rampant and unfortunately, a chef friend of mine called last week with the same issues.
aren't there soy free chocolates produced? I haven't looked for awhile but I would imagine that the labor to produce would negate the cost of the chocolate.   Following the thread as I get some pretty specific allergy sufferers walking in the doors
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