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I personally am a fan of King Arthur brand, but I'm in the northeast, they are consistent with the milling so I rarely have to worry. yes, red velvet cakes have the beets added for color, however, cocoa reacting to acid will create a tinge (red/brown) which is why most of them call for minimal amounts of cocoa. Devils food' gives you the same reaction but the ratio of more chocolate to acid it's not as noticeable
Welcome to the forum! There is a few things you need to remember, start with quality flour being first and don't over mix! You do need to build up the gluten so the cake has structure, however too much causes your cake to be tough. Scientifically, baking powder and baking soda react to the other ingredients and helps with the lift and texture so you want to stick pretty close to what a recipe calls for. A cake that you've added lemon or orange juice to for flavor will fall...
I remember! Delicious!   I believe that you have to brine soak overnight, then rinse and either smoke or cook completely (I prefer smoking) If you don't cook it off, it will all get mealy, then toss in dressing dujour   Should hold for a few days... alternatively, if you have the wherewithall, perhaps canning?   Simply spectacular on an antipasto
funny enough, I'm putting a Baked Alaska on the menu this rotation. My problem is that the 'line' are the ones that are sending them out (i.e. I'm not there to QC it) I was considering a cooked meringue that stayed separate (and stable) that the line put on the base.    Then torched of course to give the toasty effect... has anyone tried this?  I like the 151 80's throwback... will it work with the cooked meringue as well?
I used my 3 tiered Doyon artisan decks and LOVED them. They had zoned heating so hot spots weren't necessarily the issues. The clay stayed HOT so there was minimal time lost in the morning setting up.. With the proofers on the bottom, I could handle six or eight sheet pans at a time with no issues.   Steam injection gave bread a phenomenal rise and crust. Cookies couldn't be better.  God I miss those ovens... everytime I make something in a convection, I'm swearing,...
ya, I forgot about that one.
aww and here you are taking away the best things about being a chef
I think IceMan should let it rip.. I could use the funny photos and the laugh   No need for the moderators to pay any attention to us kids
OK, I agree with the delegation vs. just do it, but I have you beat hands down the worst...   100degF outside, relative humidity 74; middle of service.. the hoods go   Ya life is good
hey Brujo... one word for ya Netflix
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