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Might investigate ,South Bend 'Silver Star ' series Convection 38 inch Oven,Electric,single Deck 5 racks..List $6500/$ 3500.00 varies place to place.Gold series higher price.I prefer South Bend 'baker Depth' full sheet pans fit/convection fan does good job most level / even heat especially for cookies/muffins, speciality baking. South Bend 38 inch 5 rach convection oven and ranges are good work horse units w/high ratings for bang of the bucks.                        ...
Wolf srt 486g french range top does very well,mated w/Southbend 38 inch.French door gas oven..perform most excellent..along w/Southern Pride SPK 500 smoker,oven.Now are self cleaning..OH WELL.. up comming Sous Chefs train well in that area. All soon to be conducting bus. Hawaiian style..on The Big Island..w/God's grace of course. Blessing to ALL Chefs out there.. Stay within the 'box'..check mate your self..explore those hidden culinary gift Thee Lord gave you..and...
Thermador  is excellent...Wolf is excellent..looked carefully at both...chose Thermador.
Best of the best.200 btu/100 degree simmer works priceless..high end 5 star burners flawless..tho Thermador price is can one put a price on perfection ?
Changing natural gas to Lp gas..installing a smaller orifices and modifying the pressure regulator.Can be done by any "trusted" service person in the industry.   When using LP gas,consider installing the largest Lp bottle/tank one can afford...Reason won't run out as quick, WHEN  required cooking is needed,and hungry ones looking at YOU.
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