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I agree with the other, dont get dragged into the sous chefs issuse! helping in any way your can watch the flow of the line when you can tell some one is in the weeds help them out things like this do not get looked over looked. come in early see if you can help the line cooks prep there stations. You maybe learning a lot at culinary school but nothing beats the knowledge you get from actully working. both combined help you to one day become a excellent chef. A good chef...
I work 60 hours a week and my resturant only does dinner service I am a sous Chef
I am left handed and the Priemer feels Better in my hand, the blades are very simular. but the handle is more comfortable. if your working in the industry, you may want to consider the wasbai line of shun they are cheaper and if you get one stolen doesnt cost a fourtne to replace.
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