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Thanks.  $10 hr. is not the pay for a lead.  You really need to work with a lead before you become one.  Or that's my thought.  Don't need drugs just have to stay in the moment and realize I can only change me no one else.  
Well thank you for your honesty.  You are so right about the pantry it is up to me to prove I can move to the next level.  It is about me to some degree because if I do not do my job great the dining room will grow more and more empty. So far that hasn't happened and I don't want it to.  God blessed me with working with a few very good people who I was able to learn the little bit I know. If offered I will accept the country club job and I will suck it up and...
You are right.  I feel like I am all over the place.  I applied to work at a country club.  They have a chef and a sous chef.  I feel I have so much to learn that this environment might be better for me.  This business is tough and I feel I am thrown into positions I am not ready for.  I have tried to step up at the current position.  All I am doing now is self taught.  The menu at my current position was expanded after the chef left.  My post would be so long if I...
I helped open a wine restaurant in June.   Great Chef similar palate.  The job has been very challenging.  It has been no decision on menu until 1 hr before service, not reordering regular menu items because of cost (and lets not bother to change the menu or lower the price since changed to lower quality and cheap cost), never having all on same page as to plating or even how a dish is made, and letting the chef go over money and then not rehiring anyone.  I suppose...
I graduated in May 2011 and realize I need more experience.  I had never worked in a restaurant and school only teaches so much.  An opportunity like this would be great.
I graduated in May of 2011 and would love an opportunity to learn more.  I had never worked in a restaurant until school and realize I need a lot more experience.
I have been a server and know their job can be tough.  The worst I read here was the not returning any change on a $42 check and arguing about serving the wrong beer and also being treated as though invisible(this sounds like the hostess did not do her job). I have to say what I dislike most about servers is when I'm cooking and they come running in calling orders, this is what the POS system is for.
I know exactly how you feel.  I have a Sous Chef that wants to teach me and I feel so blessed.  It is meeting that individual that see's whats in you.  I have to learn all I can here and take what ever comes at me.  Be patient and diligent it will come.
Hi,      I'm 52 and just graduated from Daytona State College with a degree in Culinary Management.  I also just started my first fine dining kitchen job.  Only woman in the kitchen...yea.
The kitchen I work in has no mats either.  You are welcome to get your own and be responsible for it.  Also my previous job also gave a discount from shoes for crews.
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