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What sort of babying? I'm already in the habit of cleaning the knife between uses. How would the handle hold up? Something to avoid getting wet? I really like the idea of a laser knife with a little flex to it. How different are the hd from the white #2?
BDL, you are an asset to this board. Greatly looking forward to your response.  
How is the weight distribution/balance? These knives look incredible.
Hello everyone,   I'm in the market for a new knife, and after much research I've decided that Japanese steel is the way to go. I've been beating the hell out of Google Search trying to find the perfect knife for me, and finally decided that it's time to just suck it up, join a (credited) forum, and ask its wise members for their suggestions.   A little about me and what I'm looking for:   I'm a professional cook/chef for a four diamond hotel, so as you can...
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