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In addition to what has already been mentioned, non J knife options include traditional Slicers and Carving knives, Fillet knives, and Salmon Slicers. Dexter Russell and Update International also have their versions sold by restaurant supply vendors.
I guess one way is to try it out and see if it works for you. You may not find my observations for the way you use it.   Maybe buy used on Craigs List and if not satisfied resell it on Craigs List.      
Whatever helps you cook better is the right choice for you.   I had the Martha Stewart version in red (7 qt I think). When I heard that Macy's was recalling the Martha Stewart brand I returned mine for a full refund and replaced it with a commercial stainless-aluminum disk bottom pot. I found that enamel cast iron has a few inferior qualities.   They are heavy especially when filled with food. They are suitable for oven braising but not very good at much else....
If $60 is your budget I'd also evaluate why you want enamel cast iron.   Enamel cast iron is rarely used in a commercial kitchen. For braising, many commercial kitchens just use 4 or 6 inch hotel pans. For stove top most use rondeaus, large sauce pots, or rectangular brasing pots which can also go from stove top to oven.   Rondeau   Unless having a cooking vessel that is colored is important I'd also consider the above options.
way off topic but I know this from a former leather retailer-most leather goods are from pakistan... and much if it just gets relabled
Lenny-older may be better than today's model but many if not most items purchased over the last 15 years or so have origins associated with China (either manufactured, parts, or raw materials) or other 3rd world countries.   We are a global society now and from a business perspective if your competitors are making things in China then you are likely at a disadvantage if you aren't.   The computer you are typing on is an example... chances are it's either...
I'll only add that whatever the shoe choice I prefer synthetic socks versus cotton for moisture control. They can be purchased at Sporting Goods stores or I seen them at Costco as well.
To be clear I am not in the video and they are not my videos. I believe the person in the video won a contest that the vendor was having on the explanation of sharpening convex edges.
Thought I would add this series of tutorial videos on creating/maintaining non-mechanized convex edges.   http://www.knivesshipfree.com/pages.php?pID=4&CDpath=0
Luis, likely a separate subject, but for students on a budget a couple of options are a Kai knife or a MUI.   The 8 inch MUI at $20 is X50crMov15 steel which is used in German steel (Forschner, Wustoff, etc.).   http://www.cutleryandmore.com/miu-france/forged-chefs-knife-p116868   http://www.chefsresource.com/kai-2000st-chefs-knife-9.html I just ordered the MUI for my home because I want to keep my 10 inch Chef's in my knife roll for work only. I'll put...
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