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Hello there   can you give me the name of the book for TORRES please??   is it the one on amazon?
Thanks a lot for the tips Flipflopgirl   How different is flavouring oils from extracts?   Do we need to put some real tidbits?   Example..Avocado Muffins:  Avocado oils and add some avocado flesh??   Thanks     Brian  
Experts please share tips to bake the most moist and yummiest Toffee Muffin!   Ideas please?     Ive read that never to use hand mixer!  Instead use a wooden spoon?   And stir no more than 20 times.......   What else?
I found lots of smokers on ebay just now.  How stupid of me lol   thanks guys!  
Hello BDL and thank you.   How do you use the covered grill for slow cooking for hours?  Wont it be all charred? Or how do you turn down the fire or grill to lowest? Is this the gas grill?   Or if its the traditional charcoal grill, do you put the charcoal on the other half to burn and put the meat on the other side?  
are you selling smokers?   how much are they?  
Hello MARYB   I opened the link. Thanks a lot..great help   I have a question about the photo of TATERSALAD... the green drum wc is the simplest..  What is that steel bar or rod on the side. what is that for?  and what is the steel bar or pole on the What is that for?  
HI Dave   sorry for being unclear...   Its justn for home and then later for small restaurant...very small   Thanks for the advice  
Hello All!   Im based in the UK but would love to go back to my country...Philippines.  I havent seen a smoker there, ever.  I also looked at from China...and with branch in the UK.  But the cost is around 4000 USD. WOW! thats big...   I only want to have my own small Western Ribs and Burgers quaint cafe.. like American style..foodwise...   Ive heard of slow cooking the ribs to get that fall of the bone effect but as per food...
I would like to know what to substitute for a SMOKER like what I always see in DINERS DRIVE INS N DIVES program.   In my country back in Asia, we have no smoker.  So what is to use instead of this?   Certainly not the regular oven, right?   Please advise
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