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I have always loved bbq hamburgers as many do, I find the taste vearys of course with the ingredients ,like the pickle , onion such, and also the heat of the ingredient, dont try cold pickle and ingredients to a hot hamburger, so rescently I cooked 2 grill cheese sandwiches with all the butter and cheese it takes, that was my top and bottom bun, { bare with me , and the heart attack bun} I made my hamburger normal after that, and enclosed it in foil to bake at low heat...
Was just wondering, as being French trained, I cook alot of Phillopine things as well as  I am Hungarian buy descent so I make a mean true paprikash, with very sweet paprika , I ask the question, do you find all ethnic cooking has the same french simalarity like I cook a stew from the Phillopines with ingredientes unherd of , its called Calderita, made from goat or beef, my paprikash is very close in taste and texture...........................I find many dishes like...
Hi all I am a 1/2 trained home cook, I read the French rules of cooking but never did them in the class room. I do know what a miriox pwa is and most French rules, my interest in this place is all about ethnic cimalaritys  in cooking as I have made many from different countrys.
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