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You can buy baker's ammonia on the King Arthur Flour site. They also have a cookie recipe using it.
What does that mean?
The stuff in the Wilton's box is not fondant. It is a box of chemicals mixed with sugar with no resemblance to fondant whatsoever, except that you can roll it. It's disgusting. They are very heavily promoting it, because it is the current "style". There are other pre-made brands out there, such as Satin Ice, which has sort of a light marshmallow flavor, but still does not have that candy-fondant taste most people expect. There are recipes for rolled buttercream,...
Go to the Wilton cake decorating site. Their "Snow White Buttercream" may be just what you are looking for. It is very sweet and crusts over a little. They also have several forums where home bakers list and talk about their favorite icing recipes
As we speak, I am baking several dozen. I have used the Quaker Oats "Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie" recipe for about 40+ years. I use an ice cream scoop to place on the pan and they flatten down to the perfect size/perfect thickness with the perfect spread. They are crispy on the edges and chewy in the center (of course I load them up with raisins and walnuts). I have never had a failed cookie with this recipe. They freeze extremely well (I just nuke them for a couple...
Oreos too expensive in Greece? There are many, many recipes out there for "Gloreos" - claiming to reproduce the famous cookie. Maybe you could make your own?
Dark chocolate with marmalade chocolate and orange together in anything
Free Rider, I could not get the link to Cake Central to work. Was it the one with two interlocking fish with shells and a big starfish?
I thought that sounded familiar. I have the "Kaffehaus" pastry book and it has a recipe from Hungary called "Esterhazyschnitten". The base layers are ground toasted hazelnuts and almonds, egg whites confectioners and regular sugar. It is layered with a Kirsch buttercream, there's an apricot glaze, then a fondant icing and piped lines of chocolate, as you would see on the top of a napoleon. If this is it, email me at It's a couple pages...
I actually have that copy...guess I better sit down and read it! Tks!
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