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I have one Pampered Chef knife and it's one of our favorites.  I believe they have a few series of knife collections, but we have the one with a heavier handle - which is why I like it so much.  It seems to fit me ergonomically as the handle helps with the kinetics of cutting.  I have some knives made for restaurant use with a lighter handle that just seem uncomfortable to cut with.  My wrist and arm end up hurting more.   I also know that with the heftier price of...
Hi there, guess I'll do the formal intro:   Lady Tuna here, from the American Pacific Northwest.  The non-Atheists call this place "God's Country".  I grew up in Texas, so I was raised to disagree with any other state being better than Texas.  Although...damn this place is friggen' gorgeous.     I have been a writer for a local publication for almost four years now and feel as though I have written about every local entity that touches food.  My small clan of...
Agreed.  His BBC stuff is much more entertaining.  (Ever watch The F Word?) It seems as though he turns it up and is "acting" for American television.
Hi there, didn't back read so I hope I'm not redundant.   My mom lost her sense of smell (not her taste) from stress.  Another friend hit her head and lost her sense of smell AND taste.  From my witnessed experience, losing your sense of smell is also neurological.  Can you think of anything that has stressed you out or have you had any life changes?   Good luck to you.    
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