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hey all!  my family has been really into frozen yogurt this summer.  however, i'm getting tired of a) paying ridiculous prices for it and b) not being able to get the flavors i really want.  i'm looking into getting an ice cream maker, but i had no idea that there were so many options or such a large price range, 30 up to 300?  has anyone else gotten into ice cream/frozen yogurt making?  and if so, what did you get/use?  is it worth it to get a higher quality one that...
sorry!  i just noticed the post date on that was April!  well, if you ever go again...  :)  what did you end up making?
One of our family's favorite camping meals is the "hobo" dinner.  We cut up kielbasa sausage, baby reds, onions and peppers (green, orange red, yellow) (plus whatever other veggies you feel like), add in some butter, salt and pepper and Italian dressing.  Then stir it all up, place in the middle of a tinfoil square, wrap it up and cook.  This is so good we make excuses to eat it even when we're not camping and just toss it on the bbq!
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