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I love paula deen. Because most  of her recipe have butter and I like butter. Plus I love bobby flay because his way of grilling is so good and i love it  
I want to learn how to roll sushi and make japanese rice
I love japanese recipes but I don't have one, Please share your japanese recipes here.      Thank You 
I will do that if I have time  
  Thank You. I will try it.    
How about rice krispy crust with marshmallow cream or melted marshmallow to hold the rice krispy crust , or bring oreo cookies and smash them with a rolling pin and put it in a bowl and add melted butter until the Oreo cookies hold so when it bakes it doesn't fall apart,(Same for the rice krispy you need to add the marshmallow cream or melted). Combine together and then put it in a pie pan and pour the filling and bake until it's done.   Thank You    
Thank You. It's ok if you didn't answer the question    
I don't have slider buns and i want to try to make homemade buns I need an easy one. If you have one post it here    Thank You 
You'r right   
I will try it Thanks     
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