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Congratulations and welcome!  There are other professionals like yourself here as well, and many like myself, just at home cooks wanting to learn more.  Good luck in your new venture!
You've landed in the right place!
Welcome!  The experience, skill, and training that are represented here at cheftalk is wide ranging.  I am sure will find it an asset, even with your professional experience.  
 That looks quite good.  Yum.  Thanks eastshores.
lol.  What don't you like about the 'new' Crisco?  I love making fried chicken, but boy is THAT time consuming to do it right.  Still.....delicious.  :)  
Mimi, do you think the egg wash adds flavor?  Like carmelizing adds flavor?
Had some snow recently, and my driveway was deeply under a couple feet of snow, and my friendly neighbor pulls his tractor over and plows it away, after watching me try to do it all with a shovel. Saved my back, I can tell you.  Just a way of 'thank you', I made him an apple pie.  Not bad reward, I'd say.  :)   For the nutmeg, I really don't know why my mother is opposed to it, but she's a definite no nutmeg gal.  My daughter swears by it, and I'm introducing it into my...
Cute, Pepper Grind.  :)     As for locking the thread, I would feel cheated.  The main subject hasn't been exhausted imo.  Kind of odd for someone to presume on the original poster like that.
Lol.  Thanks for menioning my egg.  lol.  My dad started me on this thing with eggs in noodle soup.   Don't know what you call it exactly, but towards the end of my soup, I crack an egg into it sometimes, wait until the white is cooked, emersing it mostly, and depending on how hot the broth is, turn off the stove and let it sit until the white has cooked.  Then I mix the yoke into the broth and noodles.  I like it, but the noodles are too mushy, because of the above...
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