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 Just a 'touch' of chocolate.
That's why I appreciate left overs!  Quick, and good (ALWAYS good :)).  This week, the wife was out of town, so that stir fry served me well for a few meals.  Sated.
Carrot is one I've been wanting to try.  Another is one I saw Chef Ramsey doing once, a broccoli soup which looked yum.
The beet soup was delicious,  I hope our friend doesn't mind me posting his recipe........I'd asked for it after tasting: 'Spicy Borscht' (neon beet soup)  Ingredients:onion (not sweet) choppedlb of beetscooking pear or apple chopped2 celery stalks, chopped1/2 red bell pepper or 1 small one chopped1/2 cup chopped mushrooms2 Tbls butter3 Tbls oil8 cups vegetable stock1 tsp cumin seeds (yum)pinch dried thyme1 bay leaf2 Tbls lemon juicesalt/pepper to tastecream and fresh dill...
Look's wonderful, Robbie.  I love soup.  I recently had a beet soup that was beautifully made...My wife makes a delicious split pea and ham bone that I could eat every day of my life. 
Come on,  Kou Kou, don't you think you were being a bit harsh?  Your thread's opening title does seem wide open.
I'm convinced.  Pass the dish, please.
I have no comment on the places in question, but I must defend the pickle!  A good pickle with a hamburger is a must for me!  You can leave off the slaw, unless I'm having roast beef.  Some like sweet pickles, but give me a nice crunchy kosher please. 
Not KuKu? ;)
Hm.... Can you produce anything 'freeze dried', like freeze dried banana chips? Could you do something similar with the popcorn?
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