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How often will you be using the knife?  For me a bread knife isn't the sexiest knife on the rack, nor the most used.  I think the Victorinox knives--although popular--are over rated.  I just replaced a 20 year old 10" Forschener with a 12" Dexter Russel.  I paid $40.  I think those two brands are great but if you want an upgrade then go with a Mac.   I think an 8" is too short, a 10" is pretty much the right size but the 12 sure comes in...
Now if everyone else gets on board we may be able to change things.  Since my last post I've purchased a BonaVita coffee maker and a Kitchen Aid grinder and Kitchen Aid food processor.  I didn't even bother looking at the stuff from Cuisinart.
Hello all, I make about 15# of sausage a month.  I just finished curing my first batch of salami.  So, add that to the fold, plus other meats I'll try my hand at curing, I'm looking at 25# or so a month.  When I first began I used a Kitchen Aid grinder and stuffer.  After that crapped out on me I picked up an old Oster rated at 340 watts.  It's sort of a toy and certainly a step up from the Kitchen Aid.  On a good day with the meat and fat at the right temperature and...
I think that it makes for more main counter and upper cabinet space. Also allows one to have a double oven.
I try to seek a meaning from your ambiguity.  "Cook an plate"?  What is that?  Are you a butcher who cooks?  I'm defending the real butchers out there.  Hmm, nazi?
I blame the public who want to save a few cents so they go to grocery stores, Wal-Marts and Costcos and the likes.  Shame on those who contribute to the demise of the butcher.  I live in Boston and there really are no butcher shops in town.  Everything is shipped cryovaced.
I have a couple of Vollraths.  They are 12 gauge and half the thickness and weight as the French pans.  They are light and I am easily able to flip what is in the pan.  The Volraths don't heat up evenly.  How do the heavier French pans compare?  Some seem almost as heavy as cast iron.
Not for nothing, but I will not ever consider buying any Cuisinart product.  I had a mixer which crapped out on me after a half a dozen uses and a coffee maker which I paid close to $100.00 which lasted about a year.  Personally, I'd rather buy an older used item made in the USA or Europe for less than a newer item made in China.  Despite their age and wear, they still last longer than new ones.  I'm just a home cook and a carpenter.  So the same goes for my power tools.
Hello all, Over the years I've collected a pretty nice set of Western knives.  I have quite a few Sabatiers, a couple of Wusthofs, a few old Henkels along with some Forscheners.  As far as Japanese knives go, I have a Masomoto 270mm HC gyuto and a Konesuke HD 6" petty.  I would like to expand my Japanese knife collection.   The other day I took a pork shoulder (with bone) and trimmed the fat and skin and diced it up to make sausage.  I used a 10" Sabatier slicer...
Talk to a few repair guys and see what they say. They know better than anyone.  I went with a 36" Wolf with 6 burners.  I think the grill is only good if you have a TV show and can't move the film crew to the back yard.
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