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LOL, this.
Dexter-Russell #31601.  $15.  Beat on this thing for 2 years (there's actually one at my restaurant that is going on 10 years), toss it in the garbage (or pass it on), and buy a new one.  Wasting money on knives is wasting money.  These cheapies will keep you more than satisfied, especially if you're cutting all day long (big fat plastic grips save a lot of fatigue campared to the skinny polished grips on more expensive knives). Buy the cheap knife, work the hell out...
I agree.  When I was a kid I used to spend ridiculous money on the latest and greatest, but after 22 years in the business I've found that I've beaten the snot out of more Victorinox/Mundial/Dexter-Russell generic 10" Chef knives than anything else, and they just take the beating and then re-take an edge without a fight.  Not to mention, they're NEVER forged (lol), so they're actually lighter knives.  When you're cooking all day long with a knife as your main implement...
New Posts  All Forums: