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Thank you very much! Such great practical tips!! And the wood idea sounds like it might be the best one! Thank you so much!!!
Thank you both very much!! I really appreciate your advice! I haven't tried either tip yet, though. Chasing around a toddler makes is pretty hectic, and I seem to keep procrastinating!   But thank you so much!!
I have 2 different problems: I heated one pan too long before I started to use it, so when I touched my turner to it, it melted right onto it. (Not sure what the material is, its like a hard plastic...) I used baking soda (after it cooled), but it only eliminated about 40% of the burnt-on plastic.    My other problem is I (once again!) let my pan (a different one) heat too long before I put butter in it to cook eggs. Right when I dropped the butter in it, very dense...
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