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I just found the answer to my question! If anyone else is wondering about this same thing, here you go:
Lagom - Thank you! Those ideas sound fantastic! I can't wait to try them!
Hi, MaryB. Yes, it is sooo good that way. That's the way I usually do it, and it tends to be pretty time consuming and messy. But thank you!
Hi all! My husband and I just found out that we are expecting baby #3 Yaaay!! So, I want to make and freeze a lot of main dishes before my morning sickness hits and I'm good for nothing. We have a lot of Northern Pike fillets in our deep freeze. Is it possible to make and freeze fish sticks ahead of time? And if so, does anyone have any recipes or tips? Thank you!! Oh, one more thing: I have an intolerance to yeast, so if there are any good alternatives to bread crumbs,...
Thank you very much! Such great practical tips!! And the wood idea sounds like it might be the best one! Thank you so much!!!
Thank you both very much!! I really appreciate your advice! I haven't tried either tip yet, though. Chasing around a toddler makes is pretty hectic, and I seem to keep procrastinating!   But thank you so much!!
I have 2 different problems: I heated one pan too long before I started to use it, so when I touched my turner to it, it melted right onto it. (Not sure what the material is, its like a hard plastic...) I used baking soda (after it cooled), but it only eliminated about 40% of the burnt-on plastic.    My other problem is I (once again!) let my pan (a different one) heat too long before I put butter in it to cook eggs. Right when I dropped the butter in it, very dense...
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