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Well as a don't have a choice.  Like it or not, this is what you chose to do every day so, you have to put on your happy face and slip on your apron and get to it.  There's no room for feeling like you don't want to cook when you have a lot of folks counting on you for a meal.  You're being paid to perform a duty.  You have to do what's expected whether you feel like it or not.  It's not the same as cooking at home.     
We have a lot of leftovers at work sometimes & I like to find ways to incorporate them into other recipes or create something new with them in order to get them used up so they don't go to waste.  Especially in these trying economical times.   One thing I often do is use leftover casseroles to make soup.  They tend to make for a heartier and tastier soup than just the norm.  What do all of you like to do with your leftovers?
I'm currently reading The Whisperers by John Connelly.  Soon as I finish that I will be diving into Ted Dekker's, The Bride Collector. I'll be back either Thurs. or next week.  Chow4Now! 
Purple is mine.  It looks good with my casper-like complexion.  Varying shades as well.
I've had allergies to pollens, mold spores and ragweed my whole life.  I have to take benadryl daily and year round.  In the past 5 years I've also developed occasional hives.  Fun times. 
Where I live we don't have any fancy restaurants unless Outback and Olive Garden count.  But, they're an hour and a half away.  I have a love for pizza and pasta so, my fave place is Pizza Hut.  I've never even been in an Outback. 
Always used Cameo for stainless steel here. 
Most restaurants have a variety of menu items to choose from or they can prepare certain things on special request for people on different types of diets.  Often if you explain what your needs are, the staff can tell you what they can offer you.
Or if you want something simple... I use a white sauce with a cheese sauce and cream of chicken soup.  I also like to put some chopped onion sauted in butter, parsley, salt and pepper in it.
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