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No. Only if the violence can enter the workplace and endanger your employees. Read the first paragraph:
I never pre-cook apples for apple pie, but I choose an apple that will cook down nicely as the pie bakes. The type of apple is important! Some are simply horrid in a pie. (Red Delicious. Non-Delicious at any speed, IMO.)   I use only McIntosh apples for pie, they're not really in vogue these days, but I love them. Some prefer Granny Smith, but to me they're too firm and tart for pie. They will cook down somewhat, but will retain their shape (and tartness) more than...
The classes may be in English, so that would certainly help, (and they should provide that info with the class details) but learning some Italian would really enrich your experience, trust me. Sounds like a great adventure, I hope you hear back from them!
I'm not sure what you mean by spam? Did they contact you? Anyhow.   It appears to be a real school with two locations, one in the North of Italy, one in the South. Some of their classes for 2013 are already sold out, a good sign.   Why not contact them and ask for information? See if they can provide you with some referrals from past students, ideally in your country.   By the way...are you fluent in Italian? Or if not fluent, at least conversant?
India is a vast country with many diverse cooking styles. It would help if you could narrow down your search to a more specific region/style of cooking in India.   It's kind of like asking about Chinese cooking; there's no easy answer to your question without further details and specificity.
Also Kitchen Arts & Letters in Manhattan. No online ordering, but one can phone them, email them, or fill out a request for out of print books. Nice people to deal with.
I own an entire book on the subject. (It obviously covers much more; food in the different classes of dining saloons, lots of menus, hundreds of pictures, and 50 recipes.) It has a section on creating a 'theme' dinner as well.   "Last Dinner on the Titanic" ISBN 0-7868-6303-X   Excellent book for those who are interested in this sort of thing.
Thank you! Having read your post, I'm sure that in this case, humidity was the culprit. (Boiling homemade perogies while coating cookies with white chocolate....never again.)   I still think that chocolate is best left to the experts, though. My career has been littered with disastrous chocolate events; I don't have the...whatever it takes, the "touch", I guess. I do excel at eating chocolate though, so that's something.    
I think Irish Whiskey would be good, but Bailey's might be a bit of overkill; already being creamy and sweet...added to a creamy sweet drink, it might get lost. Cinnamon would be lovely, I think. (I like Bourbon in egg nog.)
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