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All you need for bread is flour, water, salt, and yeast.  There's no need for any sugar, and certainly not for the huge amount of sugar you are using.  I would get a basic dough working before adding a "improvers."     You do need good yeast - have you proofed it?  Put a little in some warm water, wait ten minutes, and see if it bubbles up.   Dough will rise at low temperatures, just more slowly.  That's not your problem.
... I assume chefedb means something else, because a "real restaurant range" is a fire hazard for residential use, and code won't allow it.   For pro-style home ranges, Bluestar is much loved; Capital (which I have) has fans too.     Re changing how you cook, the main thing a more muscular range will give you is more BTU when you want it.  This is nice to have, but I can't say I'm really cooking differently as a result, just saving a few seconds here and...
Do you have a budget in mind?  Something like ten brands sell lines with a "commercial" appearance.     www.ajmadison.com is a good place to start an appliance search.  They have pictures.
That horrible knife video is a good example to keep on hand the next time someone shows on this forum up saying who needs cookbooks because the internet is full of "information."   Notice that if you were naively searching for help using a knife, you wouldn't know how incompetent that video is: it's well made and there are plenty of comments applauding it.   On knives, a testimony:  It's been 3.5 years since I got a Konosuke wa-gyuto (about $200), and more...
The Cutco-Bose similarity is in sales.  Both are sold in a way that discourages direct comparison to competing products.   One reason Cutco does in-home selling is to force comparison between new Cutco knives and whatever knives people have on hand.  Most people don't understand sharpening and have blunt knives, so the Cutco product will look good.   Bose products are commonly sold in Bose-only stores or in special rooms of bigger stores.  This makes it hard to do a...
flipflopgirl is right.     Your recipe is *already* light in terms of butter -- I would go up another 80-90 grams.    You are, however, way overloaded with sugar!  Cut that back to 25 grams or so.     The cakey texture and delicate flavor of brioche *depend* on good, fresh butter.  Fresh eggs, too.  Please don't cheap out!
My 80s-vintage Marcato got much use and is still going strong. Sometimes comes in handy for flatbreads too.
1. Because the internet is full of imbeciles.  We've gone around on this before.  There are some well-curated sites (e.g. http://www.thefreshloaf.com/) that I might send someone to, but in general you already have to know a lot to figure out if recipes on the net are any good and whether the "information" you encounter will put you at risk of botulism.     2. Because the best books are way, way more than recipes or "information."  They change the way you think about...
Basic white plates from the restaurant supply store.  You never have to worry about matching.
Yes, high-gluten bread flour.   There are good recipes in Jeffrey Hamelman's _Bread_ and Peter Reinhart's _Bread-Baker's Apprentice_, to mention two recent books.  Hopefully you have some bread experience already.  
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