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I think that for those who stay in the R&H field there are those whom have other talent besides, I knew an lawer who waited tables for a less stress jobs. While I coden't think of a more stressful job he loved serving,the thing is there are a lot of people who flip flop in the restaraunt industry we can't be jealous of those who do not stay in our industry. I would only list facts not feelings.
Hey man have you  ever used a straight razor by chance. Sounds like you either are a woodworker or a straight shaver. 
 If you read closely you would have read about what I personally did. I never said for this person to eat rotten meat, I know what my bodies immune system is capable of, and have never been sick by my actions and  of course this was in my own kitchen.  I voted not to serve the lobster bisque at work, also one of the reasons we have wonderfull sauces today is to cover up rotten meat, pre refridgeration days You all are way too uptight and I wouldn't have shared my story if...
 I've done this so many times I cant count, to think that a pro chef would forget to put something in the fridge. I can only tell you what I did though. I didn't have the heart to through it out and I really hate to waste food. I reheated it to 350 for about an hour. The reason is that your body is used to your particular  habits of eating, that is why most poeple get sick in retaraunts because they have strict foodservice habits, I will say that most of the sickness is...
I've used smoked salt for making crackers for charcuterie. It pairs ncely.
 Let me break this down for you, if you make soup or stock the reality is you will be using a pretty low flame,and potatoes who cares,they can be made in any pot. I really don't think you need it, unles you want it then thats a new arguement. I've got an enameled 20/24 quart or something like that not sure and an all clad the all clad is to heavy I don't use it very much, oh yeah I use my enamel for canning sometimes too.
 Erna's Elderberry House just in Oakhurst Ca. just outside Yosemite. I was there for christmas dinner with paired wine. It was an experience I fail to decribe, was thirteen courses all I can remember is goose. If you ever have the chance it's worth it. This was 25 years ago though. Probably why I can't remember
 Don't use shun in a pro kitchen. I had a friend who had those and they didn't last long same with ceramic they just can't stand up to the pressure. I have kyoceras and I never use them cause they will eventually chip or break no matter what. Try to find a 1000/4000 norton stone .  U
  I had a 12" henckels that had a big dogleg in it and it really bothered me so I sent it back, then they sent it right back to me, of course this was new never used. I don't by henckels anymore, they must of had a crosseyed inspector giving it the ok. Send it back if you can write them a letter telling them what's wrong and hope they aren't cross eyed. I con't know how hard this knife is but I did put it in a vise, it didn't straighten it out totaly but it's better. If...
Believe it or not I have just had the very same experience but not with an owner but the chef, The problem is that some people don't hire you to do a job but to be the whipping boy. There is a reason for getting hired and some people don't want to relinquish the responsability for the reward. Even four star resorts hire monkeys. this guy used to threaten the waiters with knives and somehow nothing ever happened to him. You've got to believe in kharma. 
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