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Raw pork, fresh and unprocessed, wild or domestic, is a No-No! Trichinosis is caused by eating raw or undercooked pork and wild game.
yes, it is the same everywhere.  On top of that, just remember, it's ALWAYS the kitchen's fault.  Steaks/food over cooked?  Doesn't matter that it sat under the heat of the pass window continuing to cook, waiting for the waitstaff to decide that all the drinks and whatever else they are doing has been taken care of before the food can go out, it's STILL the kitchen's fault.  And then they wonder why Chef's are almost always in a bad mood.
Cherry wood double smoked Bacon (I smoke my own) and Matag Blue Cheese.
Have someone put a gun to your head and threaten to kill you and see what comes out of your mouth.
Just confirms to me that there are way too many people out there that God gave more dollars than sense.  Really?  Paying $100 a piece for them? Or $1500 for 10? And at those prices, if he isn't running that delivery service out his back door, he is either crazy, or not very smart.
Making your own sauerkraut is easy, a lot easier than what some here are making out.  I have use everything from a crock, the old fashioned tried and true method, to a (food safe) plastic bucket.  If you are going to make kraut in a plastic bucket, Please, please make sure you use a food safe bucket. To make sauerkraut, use the freshest cabbage you can find.  The absolute best would be cabbage you just picked, bought from a farmers market, or just got in from a...
  Sorry, the camera in my phone doesn't take the best of pictures, and these are cold.     A quick trip through a 350°F oven  in a pan covered with foil or in a foil pouch, to warm them back up and they are almost as good as fresh off the smoker.  But everyone had their fill of poppers, even those that are scared of Jalapeńos because of the heat were eating and loving these.  By the way, your poppers look really good.   If you have not bought a smoker...
Oh my, if you can eat a dozen of the regular ones, you would go nuts once you've had a slow smoked one, it's hard to stop eating them and most people either have me put them up, or will move to another room/area.  It adds another level of flavor and seems to back off the heat and intensify the pepper flavor.
Dinner tonight started out with Jalapeno poppers.  Cored, stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon then smoked for 3 hours.  Then we had Fried catfish with homemade tarter sauce, potato salad, cole slaw and smoked calico beans with ground beef (all homemade).  Followed up with bread pudding. 
I would think that the people at Alto-Sham have the flavor carryover thing covered.  Most of their ovens are all Stainless steel so with a good cleaning I would think there would be little carry over.  Alto-Sham makes excellent equipment.
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