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The blog actually belongs to the local newspaper food critic, he just gave me leave to use it for a bit. - Today's fresh sheet: A grunt's perspective He wanted me to write an op-ed piece but I am reluctant; I may need to work in this town again. If the State and national restaurant association keeps trying to screw over cooks and waitstaff with onerous legislation, I may have to. But I did get a nice meal and I got to meet the guy, which was nice. I guess the blog...
No. Never. Dope? You're out. :mad:
Whitling ok. Tuneless whistleing NOT ok. Even worse: Made up parody song lyrics (often insanly obscene) sung along to whatever is playing on the radio.
Iv'e pretty much had it with abuse. Taking it, and being put in a position to have to deal it out. When I re-enter the biz, if the owner doesn't like my results, my way, they can fire me, or I'll quit. If a chef verbally abuses me, I'm giving it right back, with extra sauce. God help anyone who lays hands on me. Or insults my liniage or level of intelligence. My biggest mistakes un this business all came about due to my acceptance of what is commonly thought...
A psych degree plus food service experiance says grocery sales to me. Try applying for a sales position at a broadliner like sysco or FSA.
I strongly second that statement. Doing extra for free in this business only proves that you are willing to do extra for free, and remain available to be taken advanatge of.
It's the choice I made, and I'm living with it. I Miss the business. I'm angry. Yeah, and I have some bitter hurt feelings too. I'm trying to get past it and move on, but I sacrificed too much for too long to let it go easily. I don't miss being broke, exhausted, and and absentee husband. God's truth: For five years I never had a twenty dollar bill in my wallet.They sure look funny now. Now I go to the atm anytime I want. My bills are paid. I can go to the doctor if I...
Your dad is wrong, but what he doesn't realize is that you have a tough road ahead in any case. Bare survival wages for cooks are now the median in the restaurant business. The path to survival in the short to mid term is get the lead/sous job as fast as possible, and that takes knowledge.
I had to use NAMP guide cut numbers to circumvent knuckleheaded grocery salespeople. The only way to get what I needed sometimes. As to what is and isn't a chef these days, I can tell you it's bad in the USA and getting worse every day. For further explanation, go here, where I was invited as guest blogger for the local food columnists weblog: - Today's fresh sheet: A grunt's perspective You can read the whole debate if you wish, or I can sum up the lack of...
I guess the one that made the initial impression on me as a kid was Keith Floyd, with his show "Floyd on food" which was broadcast on PBS in the states back in the seventies I think. Jeff Smith made and impression as well, somewhat later.
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