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Interesting Post.   Special Occasion Dish, Risotto di Trufa e Parmesano.   ( Risotto with Truffles and Reggiano Parmesano)   M.C.
Spanish Sauces For Fish and Shellfish:   1) Green sauce 2) Pil Pil 3) Vizcaina 4) Gallega ( smoked paprika and Evoo ) 5) Bilbaina 6) Vizcaina   Sicilian Sauce For Grilling or Broiling FIrm White Fish:   capers, black olives, drizzle of fresh lemon juice, drizzle of Sicilian white wine, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs of choice and S & P   Hope this assists. M.C.
Interesting contributions.   Anything mushy  in texture for example: polenta, rice pudding, green peas or over wet food; foul aromas of over used Olive Oil at taverns who are frying calamari & fried potatoes; all Soy Bean products; 99% of canned or tinned food as now anchovies and tuna come in Jars;  Fast Food Chains no matter who their founders are or where they are and Orange rinded cheeses & Orange Tinted cheese with waxy toxic finish.   M.C.
Apologies for mis-typing your name.   Thanks for contribution and feedback. Marge.
Kippers,   My husband has saved many lives of animals over the years.   I am  sure, you have too.   M.C.
Petals,   Cebiche stuffed imes ... Stunning. I am very fond of Peruvian Cebiche, Mexicans prepare it too, however quite differently,   Thanks for posting. Marge.
Kippers,   For the last 25 years, the Vet has been specialising in hereditary / genetic Dna units of viruses in reference to grazing, as nitrogenous plant and floral life, for example: corn,rye, soy, wheat, nightshades, weeds and thistle varieties accumulate heavy nitrate content and like people, cattle and dairy cows have hereditary illnesses for example: TB, Cancer, infertility, urinary and bladder issues and numerous other serious diseases, some rare as well as...
Eastern Shores,   Thanks for posting your photo. Your shrimp look delicious.   Have nice Labor Day. Marge.
Koukouvagia,   Thanks for your input. We also like our potatoes roasted or baked with rosemary, evoo and sea salt.   Have lovely labor day wkend. Marge.
Ciao Stats,   Thanks for your contribution, sounds great.   I enjoy Asiago too. It is lovely with Barlett Pears and field greens in a simple salad with a Vinaigrette of Evoo & Balsamic Vinegar.     Marge. 
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