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Kaneo,   Very interesting theme topic.   The art and preparation of food is as much a part of the Mediterranean as its wave beaten shores, green pastoral lands and its folklore.   The Jones competiiton for a better this or that, is a  Syndrome and lack of culinary culture.     Marge.
Mike and Siduri,     Mike, offering a New England style Clam chowder;   I am not much of a "creamy or milk" texture Pasta Sauce, Soup, Chowder or Stew person as I have an intolerance to cow milk; I appreciate your kind offer for a recipe, however, cannot medically.   Besides I really do prefer Evoo, shallot or spring onion, a bit of garlic, dried red chili pepper, herbs or capers & anchovy based & / or Tomatoes or classic pinenut and basil Pesto or...
Which canapés, heroes, sandwiches & subs are your favorites ? Do you have a signature sandwich or hero or canapé or sub ?   Sandwiches, how to define ?  The solemn chic of an elegant food item on a slice of Baguette ?  Two or more ingredients placed between two slices of bread ? Food items stuffed in a bread pocket or pressed & grilled ?   What about Leftovers from the day before, for example: baked meatloaf or eggplant parmigiana or homemade Terrine...
Durangojo,   Your Owl is absolutely incredible.   Fabulous work.   Thanks for sharing. Marge-
Mark,   T.U. for the very informative thread and to the contributors.   1) Here is an interesting link: 2) On the above website, they provide this information and recipe for curry powder:    ***  In the book The Naked Chef to the Rescue, Chef Jaime Oliver lists the following Curry Powder Recipe:   2 Tblsps. fennel seeds 2 tblsps. cumin 2 tblsps.coriander seeds o.5 tblsps. fenugreek seeds 1/2 stick cinammon 2 Cardamom...
Black out Chocolate flourless Cake with side of Mascarpone.   Have lovely labor day wkend. Marge.
Petals,   Stunning idea for pears. Thank you for posting and sharing. Marge.
Interesting Post ...   Being Italian on the paternal side, and my Nonna was a Trattoria Chef and Co-owner, I am always interested in Italy and Italian regional cuisines, recipes and how to´s ...   Sheer reading pleasure, Thanks. Marge.
Like Ms. Kouvagia, I have a kitch mat by the sink however, I am terribly allergic to carpeting ( not an area rug ) and have gorgeous wood flooring throughout except the kitch and bathrm ... where I have natural stone and / or natural Mediterranean clay tiling.   Good posting idea. Marge  
Durangojo & Redvan,   My viewpoint is, inclined  to be same as Durangojo ...   Have lovely labor day wkend. Marge.
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