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Chair Lady, Mary & Siduri,   Thanks for all your contributions.   Siduri: My Milanese paternal Grandmother Margherite used to prepare a pastoral traditional Escarola Soup with Cannelli white beans & Reggiano Parmesano and it was wonderful. I make it once in awhile too for Laboral Day Lunches.   Ciao, Margaux.
Buenas Días Willbekool,   Wow, a Madrileño!  Nice to meet you.   We are presently at our condo on the Adriatic in Puglia, Italy, which is much cooler & refreshing than excessively dry, hot & Madrid.    Though we adore Madrid professionally, culturally, gastronomically, & socially; summers are similiar to the Sahara, temperatures running 35 - 40 degrees Centigrade.   Thanks for the feedback. Saludos, Ciao, Margaux.
Koko,   To get back on track, have you ever prepared dolmades before ?   Best regards. Marge.
Koko,   The finest air dried ham is from the Designation of Origin, Jabugo, Huelva in southwest Spain in Andalusia. It is nick named Pata Negra which is Black Foot.   It is carved on a special wooden Ham Slicer, and  these black Hogs eat naturally, and about 50 kilos a day of Bellotas, or acorns.   Boars are wild and hunting season begins in early autumn or October.   Then, there is a more mass market  Spanish Ham called Serrano Ham and one lesser known...
Koko,   Boar:  Very popular in the interiors of Spain and utilised in Charcuterie and Sausage making or winter Stews. Delicious and considered a delicacy here.   Are the hogs from your specific region, acorn fed like in Huelva, Andalusia, Spain ?  and is the Ham that they produce, air dried ?   Interesting exchange. Margaux.
Koko,   My older daughter resides in Saint Augustine, Florida, and I have been in Europe since 1992, and my younger daughter as well.   I am very fond of Savannah ... Lovely enchanting and picturesque small town.   Margaux.  
Kokopuffs,   Yes Tzatziki is a side dip ... and / or you can prepare a classic Greek Lemon Sauce Avgloemono as in thread number 1 ...   May I ask, where is Waycross near the Okefenokee ?    Have lovely evening. Margaux.
Paella: The ancient Greeks were fish & shellfish enthusiasts of the Bouilabaisse, a shellfish and fish stew prepared with herbs and white wine.   This Alicantine and Valencian seafood rice dish is based on a substantial shellfish and / or  fish stock, the method passed down from generation to generation.   The fish varieties known to the classic dish are: Monkfish, scorpion, sea bream, sea bass, cod or hake and gilt head. One may add shrimps, clams, mussels,...
Souvlaki, Buonasera,     Thanks for the excellent tip on the Yogurt. Normally we enjoy my dolmades with Avgolemono.   Kindest regards, Margaux.
Souvlaki,   Truly an exemplary food culture and thanks for the lovely compliment.   Welcome aboard once again, All my best regards. Margaux.
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