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do a stuff filet with crabmeat wrapped with bacon and for the none meat eater just do a crab dish
One trick is seperate your eggs then first add the yolks to thicken your chicken rice soup with lemon then fold in your beated egg whites to get the froth that is needed for soup
Do stuffed scallops with crabmeat wrapped with bacon or proccutto broil top with a hierlom tomato purple basil sausa.
why make a sauce? I just when pasta is aldente drain and as it is hot add your cheese then enough cream to cover put in pan make sure the pasta is covered with cream then top with cheese bake. Then starch in the pasta will thicken and absorb all the flavors
yes I agree meat bread crumbs garlic onions lots of parsley and parm. cheese
cover top with bacon and cover it with brown sugar it will get crispy
fig demi glace, wasabi demi, bernaise sauce, green tea demi
Take your pork sear it then cover it with a good 3lb. of sliced thin onions then pour in a bottle or two of hot sauce and let it cook as you discribe until falling apart. Best BBQ you will find . the recipe is from Peru
The trick for tender meatballs is add the same volume of bread crumbs usely fresh to the amount of meat. As 3 cups meat 3 cups bread crumbs then add your other igridients in your recipe
when cutting these acid things as citrus and tomatoes I use a stainless steel knife. Yes I do own one or two
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