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Cubes of seared salmon with pomegranate dipping glaze. Yummy!
Welcome, Claire :) Based on what you said, I would guess that your meats are probably perfectly done at the moment you are "afraid" and leave them on for 5 more minutes. Next time, don't leave them on! :D Remember, you can ALWAYS put them back on the fire for a minute or two if they aren't quite done BUT, you can NEVER take the flame out of them once you've over done it. Kind of like salty a dish, you can always add more if it needs it but it you oversalt, it's...
Kuan, when is dinner?!?!? :D Myers - I think that menu is divine. Only thing I would add is a spritz of lemon and a dash of corse sea salt on the caprese salad. It does wonders. Have fun! ;)
Excellent advice. I think some recipes also include corn syrup, don't they? I would imagine this is to help the over-crystallization problem. I don't make fudge but I'm always ready to learn! :)
Heather - Thinking of any Lucy episode makes me laugh! And I remember that one :)
For regular eating popcorn, pop it in coconut oil, drizzle with melted, unsalted butter (Plugra preferred) and dust with fine sea will be in heaven!
LOL, yes I would agree!
Welcome! :D
Oh my God, a liquified Jolly Rancher? Excellent visual! That sounds HORRID! :)
Excellent, thank you! :D And yes, I cook the same way. I don't usually follow recipes unless, like you said, I'm baking. I'm not really a baker though. That's more science with precise measurements or things simply don't work. I prefer cooking as I can just add this or that and see how it comes out. Not so critical on measurements, etc. I've been cooking (well, seriously trying to learn) for about 5 years. It's quite amazing. For every single thing I learn, I...
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