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Cgangbang.. you are either trolling trying to get responses and a rise out of ppl.. or you are not very bright... or both. Go see a doctor.. People on this thread are looking for information or trying to see what others have done about their loss of smell. If your nose is constantly running and you haven't been able to smell for a year, you need to see a doctor.
Go to a doctor... Go to a doctor... GO TO A FREAKING DOCTOR..
It'll be 2 years in two months... no, mine didn't... read my earlier post to see everything I tried.. Since I posted last I've been to more doc's and all say the same thing... It might come back on it's own.... it might not.. Important thing is you saw a doc. TAKE THE MEDS YOU ARE PRESCRIBED!!! Your sinus is inflamed and it may ot may not have caused damage... the damage may or may not be permanent.. Time will tell... it sucks.. I know... but you can only control so...
First step you need to see an ENT as soon as possible... you can screw things up worse with home remidies.. if you wait to long and medical treatment was needed you can lose it for good.
I know this is an old topic.. But knowing what people are going through and the help They need made me join just to post my story. On Feb 14th of 2011 I got a cold, just like any other cold I ever had.. Two days later I still had It but my wife wanted to take me out for my birthday dinner. I took some dayquil and went out with the wife for sushi. It was at the restaurant I noticed I had ZERO smell and taste.. Other then textyre, I couldn't tell The difference between soy...
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