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Hello All,   I plan on serving Gazpacho at a local festival and want to know the best equipment to use in order to keep it cold? I plan on pre making a few during set up and wanted to store them on a tray. What equipment have you used that you really liked? Feedback would be appreciated! Thank you
I know this is a professional forum, but that is why i went to it..since professionals would know the answer. I pretty much have it narrowed down.. i did leave out some info i needed 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of baking powder..i just do not know how to break down those small amounts. Thanks again for the help.
Thanks for the responses! I should have gave more info   I have:   2lb bag of flour that cost 3.29 3lbs cornmeal 3.50 4lbs sugar 2.98 4oz container of baking soda 1.56 1 dozen eggs 2.69 1 cup sour cream 1.49 1 pint. buttermilk 3.79   Thank you all for the examples, i am going to work on breaking this down! Thanks again
Hey Chefs!   I am no professional chef at all but i do love to cook and have worked at many restaurants. I am getting involved with catering and right now i am practicing on how to cost out a recipe. If someone can help me out it would be highly appreciated!   1 cup flour 1 cup cornmeal 2 Tablespoons sugar 2 Teaspoons salt 1 large egg 1 cup sour cream 1/3 cup buttermilk 2 Tablespoons of oil   So far i figured out:   Flour will cost .82...
Hello Fellow Foodies!   Was wondering if anyone knows where i can find a kitchen to rent in these areas? Any help will be great! Thanks!
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