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While the "hazy edge" does fit with what a Belgian Blue will leave, The slurry is nearly purple on my BB and yours doesn't look the same.   BBs are easily available and very reasonable for a natural stone.   http://www.bestsharpeningstones.com/catalog/Belgian_Blue_Stone.htm   http://theperfectedge.com/?product_cat=belgians   Jim
It was this....   http://bosq.home.xs4all.nl/
There were tons of razor hones in Europe from lots of makers and locations.   I'll see if I can find a link to a massive article series on them. I have the .pdf's of them but need to locate a link.   Jim
Obsidian. It isn't practical but experimental scalpels have been made of it.   I've seen some "caveman" knives made of it.
I have a few Suehiro stones and they are damn good stones just not readily available in the US. I have a Cerax 8K as a finisher. Probably get a 5K to go between the 2K and your finisher.   Check out Tools from Japan and see the variety.   http://www.toolsfromjapan.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=335_405_583   Through the grapevine many stones are dirt cheap over there by comparison.   Jim
Best place to hit up is the clearance section of Cutlery and More. Pick your storage option be it block or magnetic strip and start choosing blades to fill it.   http://www.cutleryandmore.com/kitchen-knives-cutlery-clearance   The Henckels Premio and others in their International lines are anywhere from meh to OK but nothing really special. Whatever you get it will go dull and will need sharpening so you need a plan.   FWIW my most commonly used knives are a 8, 9, or...
What about the Ken Onion Rain line?   https://www.knifemerchant.com/products.asp?manufacturerID=306
I use the Dexter KG series. A local restaurant supply place sells them for about this and they are felt lined to not scratch.Never get them wet though as the felt will take a long time to dry.   Watch it with carbon steel because if the felt gets wet you have a rust factory.   http://www.jesrestaurantequipment.com/knife-guard-one-piece-molded-construction-with-p-796302.html   I carry a bag of these when I troll for used knives.   Jim
Gotta agree with Benuser. They admit there is "light pitting" but having done lots of old rusty carbon steel, I'll bet it is much worse.   That looks like a real rustbucket after the rust is removed with cleanser or other chemicals.   Jim
Aside from the other points raised, depending how dull it had gotten and any other edge issues a coarser stage may be needed.   I carry a 220 and 400 grit Gesshin and they do get a lot of use for thinning or on very dull or damaged blades.   Jim
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