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Look underneath and see if there are four holes for a plate mount caster or if it just uses the existing threaded hole from the leg. And then just match thread size or what plate size it would use and get aftermarket casters to fit from someone like partstown,Franklin machine products.should be able to find a whell to fit for around $25.00 each
Those Kitchen Aid 6qt brass gears wear out to. They are made of a soft metal.
If you have any shot at this you better hit up the Chicago Housewares show coming up March 10-13 try to get someone to market it for you..
KA has a $40 rebate on 6qt also until March 24th. Maybe that will help twist your arm for the bigger one.
Pro 600 would be my choice if your doing anything outside of cake batters and icings. Artisan is a lower wattage unit and has nylon(plastic) main gear in it. Which does break under pressure from doughs. Not expensive to replace if you can tear one of there mixers down. But if it has to be done by someone the parts and labor won't make sense to repair. the 600 has a brass gear in it which does wear too but SOO much easier to fix. Pictured is the gear that breaks in the...
Hobart 20qt Mixer would be the best buy for you. A used one is better than the new legacy mixers they have now. (Too Much Technical crap in new ones) Ovens are we talking convection ovens ? Blodgett DFG1 is the best Convection oven. I alos like the Garland convection ovens too.
You will pay just as much for a 24" commercial range as a 36" Garland or Jade are the two best commercial IMO. Vulcan and Wolf are one in the same overpriced crap anymore. Imperial and Amercian range are entry level commercial units. 30" is off size commercially because of the burner and grate sizes on most commercial are usually 12" sections (24,36,48,60) Also another thing to remember when putting commercial range into a home is the following: -You will not have a...
I go to a restaurant supply in Point Pleasant, NJ.. Best deals around that I have found. Last piece I got was 25% cheaper than the competition.                     Rudy's Restaurant Supply                        ___    Arnold Ave.                     Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Any equipment from Adcraft is low end. (Remember saying: You get what you pay for) Adcrafts warranty is usually crap. And knowing them they will change the unit  a year from know, when a small part WILL break. You will be S.O.L. because wang chung redesigned the unit.
Hillside metalware. Aluminum pans made in NJ.
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