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Thanks for the great info, I've never tried cooking pumpkin but now is always a good time to start.
I'm not much of a spicy person but I know my girl would love that recipe, if anyone is able to find it.
I tired using baked potatoes and I was very pleased how they turned out. Thanks for the video link.    
I also have The Complete Robuchon but I got it just a few weeks ago so I can't really give an accurate review, but I've liked everything I've tried from it so that's something I suppose.
My family makes almost the exact same kind of cobbler when we used to go on shooting trips in the desert in california, its a great dessert and fairly simple to make.
Any idea what material is the best for this tripod setup, as far as heat resistance and all that good stuff?
I've had rabbit before but never in this kind of mustard sauche, it looks delicious though. The braised endives look like they go great with it.
Thanks for the recipe, the ingredients alone make it sound delicious.
How long does this take all together? I just want a relative time estimate.
Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to try making it for two so it will have to take some working on my part but I hope it turns out ok, it sounds great!
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