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That's ironic, elevator and levels, I see what you did there.
Classic rock oddly enough, its was what I was raised on and it still great music.
Nothing beats the classic American hamburger/bbq bacon cheese burger.
I did this when I was backpacking in Cali. above Camarillo in the hills. We just used a barbaque rack and held it at a decent distance, it cooked great for us, although we did burn the crust a little on the edges.
I did a 2 week backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada Mountains and we had to carry our own food. We bought all freeze dried foods, spices, vegies, etc. It actually wasn't half bad for weighing 10lbs for 2 weeks worth.
Thanks for the titles to check out, I'll have to pick them up when I get a chance. I'm really looking forward to Chinese Gastronomy, I'm partial to Chinese food  
I've actually seen this on the shelves but I've never picked it up, I've never really been into food styling but I'd be interested to here some opinions on it.
I actually found the same cook book, it was the most recent one I have purchased, what are the odds of that.
I purchased my last cook book about 3 months ago. I purchased it at a regular book store by recommendation so its nothing against the forum, its just how I was turned onto cooking. I'll have to check out the amazon referrals though, thanks for the names and links everybody.
Joy of Cooking was my starter, I would have to say its a great book, its simple and has a lot of good recipes and advice that includes little tricks of the trade. Thats my opinion.
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